Perfekt Control is Here!

I’m so excited! I just woke up to find this beautiful photo!!

Perfekt Control releases TODAY on iBooks (and on 2/9/16 on all other e-book retailers), and it’s a Top 5 Young Adult Bestseller! I am so incredibly grateful to the amazing readers who made this happen — I’m muppet flailing like crazy over here, and I hope you know how much this means to me.

I’m so very happy to finally get to share Brynn and Henrik’s story with you. Brynnrik holds a very special place in my heart, and I hope they give you as many smiles as they’ve given me. 😁 Henrik made sure we included his Swedish Pancake recipe at the end of this book, so if you end up making #HenriksHotcakes, let me know what you think of them.

Mange takk for being the most amazing readers in all the realms. Seeing this book out there is a dream come true, and I know none of this would be possible without your support. I am so very thankful for EVERYTHING you do for our crazy Norse crew!


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Rule the realms.

Brynn Aksel is a valkyrie—a battle goddess tasked with protecting both the God of War and the future of Asgard. She fends off giants and dark elves with an iron fist, a glossy smile, and no less than perfekt control. She’s focused one-hundred-percent on rising through the valkyrie ranks, and not at all on her lifelong crush on Henrik Andersson—the one guy in all the realms who could be her undoing.

Henrik serves as War’s other bodyguard, and he’s too focused on protecting their shared charge to realize that Brynn’s a girl. When an unprecedented surge of darkness abducts the Goddess of Love, Brynn’s already-steely focus is singularly directed on her new assignment—accompany Henrik to recover the realms’ source of light before the cosmos descends into chaos.

While battling demons, dragons, and the not-quite-dead, it becomes clear that immortality does not equal invincibility. And when Hel herself puts a hit on Brynn, the valkyrie has to decide if staying in control is worth losing everything . . . or if it’s time to rule the realms.


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