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We're celebrating Valentine's Day with a #BookLove giveaway! The goal: Spread the #booklove you feel for our favorite authors by sharing reviews of the books we love. The prize: TEN e-books, TWO novellas, an Etsy giftcard and an Amazon giftcard! The mission: Head on over to Jessica L. Brooks' blog, and see the fun ways YOU can share the #BookLove this Valentine's Day! Click HERE to go to Jessica's page, and follow the post to the Rafflecopter. Because everyone needs a little #BookLove in their life. Ja? Skal, y'all!

Jessica L. Brooks Gives Away An Indie

You know those people who just blow you away with their compassion and kindness? The ones who go out of their way to build up eveyone they meet, and inspire you in ways you just can't explain? My writer-friend Jessica L. Brooks is one of those people. She's a beautiful YA writer and the author of The Flora Series. She is generosity personified, and this month she's doing an extra fun LOVE themed giveaway over on her blog in honor of Valentine's month. That's right, it's ELSKER month over on Let Me Tell You A Story! All month long you can play the photo-a-day challenge hosted by Jessica, The Nerd Herd Reads, and For The Love of Books. They've got heaps of bonus entries too, and the winner wil

Introducing Losing It!

Confession: I believe real life should play out just like a Disney movie. Handsome princes should roam the world, opening doors, holding out hands, and offering romantic dances because they're just sure they've met us before, Once Upon A Dream. Woodland critters should pitch in at cleaning time, and offer to tackle the highly undignified task of toilet scrubbing to the tune of a Happy Working Song. And every single girl should have her very own Fairy Godmother to outfit her in a stunning gown and glass slippers for her first date with her real life Prince Charming. I mean, doesn't that sound kind of perfect? While I haven't yet found a bevy of squirrels to scrub my toilets, I HAVE made it a


Being a writer is such an amazing gift. Writers get to stretch our imaginations to the limit, share our imaginary friends with anyone crazy enough to listen to us, fulfill our creative muses, and stare at photos of Alexander Skarsgard all day for "research." Oh, wait. That's just me? We're so incredibly blessed to get to do what we do, and doubly blessed to have amazing readers who will jump headfirst onto our crazy journeys with us. I'm so, so grateful to be a part of this community. But writing can also be a smidge isolating. After all, to get those lovely Norse gods' voices OUT of my head, I have to sit at my keyboard ALL BY MY LONESOME and type until the crew has said their peace and I g

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