Keep Calm and Love The Winter (God)

Let's talk about Ull, shall we? There's a whole lotta good stuff in the Prose Edda (kind of sort of the Viking Bible) and the Marvel folklore about Thor, God of Thunder, Prince of Asgard, All Around Great Guy. But there's barely anything out there about his cutie-pie stepson. Whaddya say we get a little better acquainted with the Norse God of Winter?? According to the Prose Edda, Ull is the son of the goddess Sif, and the stepson of her hammer-weilding hubby, Thor. He lives in a pad called Ydalir, which essentially breaks down to "where there are lots of Yew Dales." He's the God of Winter (and skiing!), and he may or may not have had a thing for that jotunish winter chick, Skadi. And that's

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