Perfekt Balance is HERE!

Hei hei, the gang's (finally!) all here! I'm so excited to share Elsa and Forse's story with you! Perfekt Balance releases TODAY, and I couldn't be happier. This book was kind of, sort of, really, really tricky for me to write, since when I first met Elsa I had no idea how her gift worked. No idea. But after a lot of research, some mind-blowingly awesome classes, countless chats with my dear friend Lorna, the loving guidance of my ever-patient critique partners Stacey and Kristie, and my editor Lauren, and a remarkable amount of ground work by my amazing PA Heather, it's finally here! I hope Justice and Asgard's High Healer/Interim Unifier give you as many smiles as they gave me. And I hope

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