Happy Syttende Mai!

Happy Syttende Mai week! Our Norse crews are off celebrating Norway's constitution day with waffles, songs, and most likely, an Asgardian parade that involves Gunnar irritating Ull as only Gunnar can do, while Henrik tries to convince our perma-stoic Tyr to wave a flag. Can't you just picture the Andersson brothers causing all kinds of trouble in Asgard? #NoBoundaries Here on Midgard, I've already started my own celebration. I had a bit of a waffle fest over the weekend, and I plan to make a fresh batch for the official holiday on May 17th. If you haven't given Olaug's #NorskWaffles a try, this is the perfekt week to get out your heart shaped waffle maker. If you do, be sure to let me know w

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