First EVER Elsker Saga Box Set Sale!

Our crazy Norse crew is SO EXCITED! We're having our first EVER sale on The Elsker Saga Box Set (books 1-3, PLUS novella)!! From now through June 12th, the complete Elsker Saga is on sale for just $0.99. We've never put it on sale before, so if you haven't already read the COMPLETE story of the Norse God of Winter and the mortal girl who captured his heart, grab a copy before it goes back up to $5.99. I adore this cast, and while I readily admit #GunnarsFunner, there will always be a soft spot in my heart for Ull, aka the crankiest god in all the cosmos. Or so Kristia tells me. :) If you're not familiar with the Elsker Saga, here's the breakdown. From international bestselling author S.T. Be

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