Asgard's Arcata Compound

I get a lot of questions about the Arcata compound from The Ære Saga. Tyr's held out on me until now, but he's finally given me clearance to share some of the pictures from one of my visits. Apparently the God of War managed to delete all the pictures I took of his house, "for security reasons, S.T. You understand." (No, I don't, you mean ole Norse god!) But he left me with the ones of the forest surrounding his property. Want a peek? Asgard's Arcata Compound is surrounded by hundreds of acres of towering redwoods, majestic ferns, and tapestries of fallen logs. It's covered from bottom to top in every imaginable shade of green, and peppered with secret bridges and hidden trails. Filtered sun

UtopiaCon 2016

Have I mentioned lately that I have the greatest readers in all the realms? Well I do. Y'all are the greatest. Readers. In all the realms. I mean it. I was so incredibly thankful to get to meet some of you at Nashville's UtopiaCon last week. From the RagnaRockstars who've been by my side for a year, to the warrior who reads Elsker and Ære during chemo, to the model who shared a brand-spankin'-new Loki tattoo (that totally matched my dress! #LokiFansForTheWin #MarvelRocks), to the adorable middle schooler who loves Star Wars and Norse gods every bit as much as I do, meeting you was an incredible blessing. Thank you for sharing your energy, your kindness, and your imaginations with me, and for

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