The Ære Saga is COMPLETE!!

The Ære Saga is complete!! I cannot believe I'm writing these words. War's crew releases their FINAL book today, and I could not be happier with the way their stories wrap up. Freya faces some hard truths, Mia has to make a decision that requires a lot of notebooking, Elsa supports Forse through an unimaginable heartbreak, and Brynnrik is . . . quintessentially Brynnrik. :) In the face of Ragnarok, the crew demonstrates their commitment to love, honor, and of course, to their friend-family. I hope you enjoy their ride every bit as much as I did. This is a dual POV book, told from both Brynn and Freya's perspectives. If you've missed the perkiest Valkyrie this side of Asgard, Brynn's chapters

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