Visiting Hoth: A Survival Guide

Over the summer I got to visit Finse, Norway - HOTH from The Empire Strikes Back! It was a dream come true to visit the actual place where Han rode a tauntaun, Luke nearly got eaten by a wampa, and the coolest vehicles in all of Star Wars took down some AT-ATs. #TeamSnowSpeeder Armed with snacks, water, a jacket and a lightsaber or two (because, HOTH), I figured I was totally prepared for this pilgrimage - uh, day trip. I SO WAS NOT. But the Force taught me some valuable lessons - lessons I'm sharing so that if you ever find yourself heading to Hoth, you don't show up for an impromptu four hour hike on a Norwegian glacier wearing Adidas Superstars. #SadButTrue VISITING HOTH: A SURVIVAL GUID

Introducing Star Wars: Galactic Adventures!

Look at this GORGEOUS new storybook that's just arrived from a galaxy far, far way!! How incredibly awesome is this?!! STAR WARS GALACTIC ADVENTURES: STORYBOOK COLLECTION is a collection of 18 all-new illustrated stories for Padawans (including two stories from me!). It spans the entire Star Wars Saga, and features heroes and villains ranging from Yoda to Darth Maul to a persnickety pirate lord who goes by the name of Lord Alorg. (Spoiler alert: Lord Alorg is not very nice!) This project was a joy to work on, not only because #StarWars, but also because it involved writing stories based on existing Star Wars COMICS. It was an extremely fun process, and I hope your Padawans find as much joy i

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