That Day I Met the Avengers

Once upon a time on a very good day, I got to meet some of my favorite superheroes. It wasn't expected (hence my casual Star Wars gear, and look of complete shock on my very excited face), and it wasn't my most eloquent moment (if you could have heard my incoherent babbling you'd have laughed your head off!). But it was absolutely everything to me. I met the Avengers. Tonight, I'll watch the end of this chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. *cue uncontrollable sobbing* And besides the war chant of I'M NOT READY that's been looping through my head all week, the only thing I can think to say as I head off to Avengers: Endgame is THANK YOU. Thank you, Marvel, for building a world where fami

Sneak Peek: Viking Academy

Here's a sneak peek at VIKING ACADEMY - coming in May! And sign up for the Launch Team to read VIKING ACADEMY two weeks early! VIKING ACADEMY: SNEAK PEEK We rode the rest of the way in silence. A million questions danced through my mind, but I kept them to myself as we made our way down a steep, windy trail, raced along the edge of a fjord, and began the long trek up a waterfall-lined mountain. When the trees thickened and a light snow dusted the ground, Erik slid off the horse and led it into the woods on foot. “Do I get down too, or—” “No.” Well, fine. We walked for another five minutes, until the trees thinned and the whoosh of rushing water broke the silence. Erik turned left at a massiv

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