Viking Academy is Here!

Viking Academy releases everywhere TODAY! I can’t wait for you to meet Saga—the seventeen-year-old who’s accidentally transported a thousand years in the past, to a world where Vikings rule the seas and dragons roam the skies, and the only thing more dangerous than the chief who takes her captive is the heir who steals her away. Early reviewers are already in love with this story, calling it “an incredible new world,” and “COMPLETELY AMAZING!” I’ve been blown away by the feedback this book’s getting, and I’m thrilled to finally get to share it with you. I hope it makes you smile! Viking Academy is available on Amazon, Nook, Google Play, Smashwords Kobo and Apple Books. You can enter to win a

Box Set $0.99 SALE - May 13-18

"When Kristia discovers that her new boyfriend is the Norse God of Winter, she's plunged into a world beyond her wildest dreams... A breathtaking fantasy series brimming with romance, magic, and danger!" - Bookbub This week only, you can READ THE ENTIRE ELSKER SAGA FOR JUST $0.99! That's right, just $0.99! In celebration of Syttende Mai (Norway's Constitution Day, and a really good excuse to enjoy Norsk waffles!), from May 13-18 you can get all four books of the Elsker Saga for less than a dollar! In Tur, Elsker, Endre and Tro, you'll meet the Norse God of Winter, the girl who wins his heart, and the Norse crew who will do anything to protect the worlds . . . even if it costs them their liv

Those Rocks in Norway

The dedication in Viking Academy reads: "To Olaug - thanks for showing me those rocks in Norway." Because that series would have looked vastly different if it weren't for my dear friend Olaug, and a side trip involving a cluster of rocks. #Truth Let me explain . . . Once upon a time (last summer), I visited a magical place (Norway) with a fun-loving octogenarian (Olaug). Olaug led me on an adventure-filled day that included an impromptu two-hour hike, during which I learned "want to see the woods behind the cabin?" meant "bring a water bottle and possibly a lunch, because we are going far, my friend . . ." (above: pretty barn at least two miles into the woods behind Olaug's cabin) (below: p

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