Why Norse gods?

I fell in love with Scandinavian mythology a long, long time ago, but that love was cemented by my beloved Norwegian teacher, Olaug. (Yes, she’s real. And her Norsk waffles are the best.) The myths are so dark, so complex, and at the same time so endearing — at the heart of the mythology, it’s clear the Norse pantheon is very much a family, complete with its Golden Boy (Thor), Black Sheep (Loki), and every archetype in between. I love the mythological characters so very much, and it’s entirely too much fun giving them their altogether-human characteristics in my own stories.

Which IP franchises do you write for?

I’m incredibly blessed to have gotten to write multiple books and stories set in the Star Wars universe – everything from podracing (my heart!) to Starkiller Base (go Poe!). One of my favorite projects was a storybook of The Empire Strikes Back (Sandvik Publishing/Early Moments). I got to visit Hoth on a trip to Norway, and standing in the snow where AT-ATs once walked was a dream come true! I’ve also been fortunate to write some of my favorite princesses for Disney!

Which IP franchises do you WANT TO write for?

I’d love to spend more time playing with my Disney friends! I recently wrote a Frozen II storybook that’s very close to my heart. I adore those Norse girls, Kristoff, Olaf, Marshmallow and Samantha. (Samantha?!!) And I love Arendelle – I visited Arendal in Norway, too! Sadly, I was unable to locate an ice palace… but I did find a very popular fish market! I also hope to get to write for Marvel one day. Stories of found family really inspire me, and Marvel’s are some of the greatest.

What's the reading order for The Elsker Saga? Does the Ære Saga follow the same timeline?

The Elsker Saga order is: TUR (the Elsker Saga prequel novella), ELSKER (Book #1), ENDRE (Book #2) then TRO (Book #3). Like the Elsker Saga, the Ære Saga takes place in the two years leading up to the Norse apocalypse, Ragnarok. The first three books of the Ære Saga (PERFEKT ORDER, PERFEKT CONTROL, and PERFEKT BALANCE) take place during the one year period of Elsker’s TUR, while the final Ære book takes place during the events that happen during Elsker’s ENDRE and TRO.

Where did the idea for the Elsker books come from?

I owe Elsker to a caffeine craving on a road trip. I stopped at a drive-through coffee hut in itty bitty Nehalem, Oregon (Population: 250; stoplights: 1). A lovely, cheerful girl came to the window to take my order. I wondered what her life was like in such a small town, and what might happen if something totally huge dropped in on her world . . . like a Norse god. I started writing when I got home.

Is Gunnar going to get his own book? Please, please, please??

I don’t have one planned for him. But you can meet his brother, Henrik, in the Ære Saga. He’s smart, and fierce, and cute as all get out. And the Andersson’s Midgardian relative, Axel, owns my heart in Viking Academy.

What are you working on now?

I’m currently playing with some Norse friends in a brand new-to-me world . . . this time, for middle grade readers! And as always, there are a few super secret IP projects I can’t tell you about just yet. (But they’re fun! Trust me!)

You don't really have a flip phone, do you?

Not anymore. 🙁 Sadly, the flip phone and I finally had to part ways in 2019. As my energy friends like to say, my phone is finally in present time! And since the iPhone case I nearly switched for years ago is no longer available, I just stuck an Avengers sticker on a lovely, plain phone case. Problem solved!

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