Introducing the Star Wars Tiny Books

I was over the forest moon when the team at Insight Editions invited me to write what may be the CUTEST books I’ve ever worked on. Not only did I get to research Star Wars’ galaxy-famous Jedi and Sith, but I got to highlight my favorite quotes and facts about each of them . . . and pack all of that joy-filled info into one adorably tiny book! I am THRILLED to share the two darling Star Wars books we’ve created – Star Wars: The Tiny Book of Jedi, and Star Wars: The Tiny Book of Sith. Available TODAY, everywhere books are sold!

If you’re interested in ordering signed copies, they’re available from the lovely team at Copperfield’s Books. Call them directly at (415) 763-3052 to order. (Signed copies are not currently available through the website.) 

Here’s a peek at these absolutely adorable, very tiny books!

The Tiny Book of Jedi by S.T. Bende

The Tiny Book of Jedi was so much fun to work on. Qui-Gon’s wisdom has always had a special place in my heart. And of course, Obi-Wan, Princess Leia, Mace Windu, Yoda and Luke Skywalker have so very many brilliant moments . . .

IMG 7869

IMG 7868 IMG 7870 IMG 7867 IMG 7866

And then we have our Sith:

The Tiny Book of Sith by S.T. Bende

My very sweet editor may have had to reign in my Darth Maul love just a bit. I could have written so very many pages about him!

IMG 7875

IMG 7876 IMG 7874 IMG 7873 IMG 7872

Everyone involved in this project has a tremendous love for the Star Wars universe – from the terrific team at Insight Editions, to the epic editors at Lucasfilm, to this extremely grateful, Force-loving writer. (If you haven’t read about my adventures sleeping in the basement of my first Star Wars Celebration, you can laugh at my lack of convention know-how HERE. Then see how I applied what I learned HERE and HERE. Spoiler alert: now I travel with a sleep mask!)

I hope these Tiny Books make you smile . . . and that you always remember my favorite of Qui-Gon’s lessons: 

“Your focus determines your reality.” -Qui-Gon Jinn

Happy reading! And may the Force be with you. 

IMG 7865 1

(Thank you to my kind reader Eileen, for sending the first peek at these Tiny Books in the wild!)

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