Star Wars Bestiary, Vol. 1

Explore the Creatures of Star Wars

About the Book

Explore the creatures of Star Wars in the first of two books, this one featuring beautiful illustrations of the wondrous non-sentient species from a galaxy far, far away.

From Naboo to Hoth, Tatooine to Kashyyyk, and beyond, Star Wars is packed with otherworldly species and monstrous creatures. Dive into the lives, habitats, and behaviors of the non-sentient inhabitants from across the galaxy through original, detailed illustrations and insightful text, to include wampas, banthas, porgs, the fearsome Mythosaur, and so much more. This is a must-have comprehensive compendium for any Star Wars fan who wants a closer look at the fascinating lifeforms from the beloved franchise.

ALL-NEW ART: Experience Star Wars in a new way through stunning, original artwork from acclaimed artist Iris Compiet (The Dark Crystal Bestiary: The Definitive Guide to the Creatures of Thra, and Labyrinth: Bestiary – A Definitive Guide to the Creatures of the Goblin King’s Realm), featuring your favorite creatures and their habitats.

DISCOVER CREATURES FROM ACROSS THE GALAXY: This book includes an in-depth look at the myriad species from the Star Wars galaxy and their habitats, covering creatures from the films, shows, comics, novels, and more.

AN IDEAL GIFT: A perfect gift for the Star Wars fans of all ages!

AN EPIC ADDITION TO YOUR STAR WARS LIBRARY: A gorgeous volume filled with incredible artwork, Star Wars Bestiary, Vol. 1: Non-sentient Species is an exhaustive exploration of the fantastical creatures of this much-loved galaxy.

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The Details

Published: October 1, 2024
Formats: Hardcover