5-Minute Star Wars Villain Stories

Five Stories of The Dark Side

About the Book

5 villainous stories from the bestselling 5-Minute Star Wars Stories – including one from S.T. – featuring epic illustrations from the Dark Side!

  • “Yoda and the Count” written by Rebecca L. Schmidt & illustrated by Pilot Studio
  • “Escape from Darth Vader” written by Brooke Dworkin & illustrated by Stephane Roux
  • “The Battle of Hoth” written by Calliope Glass & illustrated by Pilot Studio
  • “Rescue from Jabba’s Palace” written by Brook Dworkin & illustrated by Pilot Studio
  • “Chaos at the Castle” written by S. T. Bende & illustrated by Pilot Studio

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The Details

Published: January 1, 2017
Publisher: Lucasfilm Press
Formats: Hardcover
ISBN-10: 136802288X ISBN-13: 978-1368022880
Genres & Tropes
Star Wars, Science Fiction, Kids' Books, Children's Books, Villains, Sith, Dark Side