Marvel: The Mini Book of X-Men

A Marvel Mini Book

About the Book

Discover the secret identities, origin stories, and fun facts of over 100 Marvel mutants with this pocket-sized, collectable guide!

Marvel: The Mini Book of X-Men is the ultimate on-the-go handbook to the incredible X-Men of the Marvel Universe. Flip through fun quotes, origin stories, stunning artwork, and more with this unique miniaturized book, perfect for fans who want to learn the ins and outs of their favorite mutants—heroes and villains alike. From the most iconic X-Men like Professor X, Beast, Iceman, and Wolverine, to Sunspot, Banshee, and Iceman, this book truly has everything you need to know about the X-Men.

CELEBRATE THE CHARACTERS: This book includes bios, fun facts, and iconic quotes for each mutant

STUNNING ART AND IMAGES: Experience the X-Men like never before with key images and gorgeous illustrations that bring every mutant to life

COMPLETE YOUR COLLECTION: Fill your bookshelf with your favorite characters from the Marvel Universe with Marvel Comics: Mini Book of Heroes and Marvel Comics: Mini Book of Villains for a complete collection of Marvel titles

COMPREHENSIVE VOLUME: With each pocket-sized page, dive into the history of each mutant, their powers, and their role in the greater Marvel Universe

POCKET-SIZED COLLECTIBLE: This unique mini book is the perfect size to take with you on the go or to give as a gift to your favorite Marvel fan

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The Details

Published: September 24, 2024
Formats: Hardcover