Introducing Losing It!

Confession: I believe real life should play out just like a Disney movie. Handsome princes should roam the world, opening doors, holding out hands, and offering romantic dances because they're just sure they've met us before, Once Upon A Dream. Woodland critters should pitch in at cleaning time, and offer to tackle the highly undignified task of toilet scrubbing to the tune of a Happy Working Song. And every single girl should have her very own Fairy Godmother to outfit her in a stunning gown and glass slippers for her first date with her real life Prince Charming.

I mean, doesn't that sound kind of perfect?

While I haven't yet found a bevy of squirrels to scrub my toilets, I HAVE made it a habit to don my "cleaning hat" -- a lovely tiara -- on the days I have to tackle my less glamorous household tasks. Because everything's more fun when you wear a tiara. And since Elsker's Kristia and Ull are my own twist on a fairytale couple, I always make sure to wear my "writing hat" -- another tiara! -- when I create another chapter in their Happy Ever After. My writing hat got a major workout for Losing It. This was the steamiest scene my sweethearts have experienced, and I was beet red from head to toe by the time I was finished. I'm pretty sure even the gems on my writing hat were crimson. But it was soooo worth it. I hope like it. ;)

Inspiration comes in many forms. Mine just happens to be really sparkly.

But if you ever see a girl in a tiara AND a ballgown typing away in a coffee shop, come up and give me a gentle tap on the shoulder and let me know I've gone a little too far. Either that, or direct me to the nearest Fairy Godmother. After all, my closet is sorely lacking in glass slippers...


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