The Day I Met Alexander Skarsgard

Over on #NALitChat, we've been talking about writerly inspiration - what inspires our stories, our characters, our dialogue . . . and how we can pay it forward and inspire others with our characters, stories and actions. We'll hit on this subject tonight -- join us at 9pm EST over on the Twitter (#NALitChat) and share some of your inspirational stories!

Since it's #TBT, I thought I'd give a little throwback nod to the real-life Nordic god who inspired my imaginary Norse hunks. Anybody else swoon right along with me every time they see a picture of that Swedish dreamboat, Alexander Skarsgård? Sigh.

If you haven't guessed, I stared at a lot of pictures of Skarsy when I was writing the Elsker books. It wasn't creepy! It was "research"! #ThingsITellMyself I mean, honestly. Just look at him. Could anyone possibly be any more Norse god than Skarsy?? And once upon a very amazing, seriously fabulous time, I was lucky enough to meet him!! I wrote about it over on the old blog . But if you're looking for the short version, here it is:

Once upon a really good day, my uber-awesome and crazy-well-connected friend told me he'd let me be in the same room with Alexander Skarsgard. And that he trusted me not to embarrass either one of us. HA! So I did what any normal girl would do: I spent an hour on my hair, another hour obsessing over my shoes (four inch heels, thankyouverymuch), and grabbed a copy of Elsker and a pen on the off chance I could mumble coherently enough to ask for an autograph.



And I squealed like a howler monkey. And Skarsy smiled and pointed to the title and said, "that's Scandinavian." And I nodded like a bobblehead. Because that's what one does in the presence of HIM. And as he signed he said, "ah, Love." (Elsker means Love in Norwegian.) And I squealed again, and totally blew my promise to my friend not to embarrass either one of us.

BUT I DIDN'T FALL OVER! And if you know how graceful I am (not at all graceful), you know this fact alone makes the day a total win.

(He wrote "love"! In my book! OMG BEST DAY EVER!)

Obviously, I owe my friend a daily batch of waffles for life. I mean, what could be cooler?? This happened a while ago, and I still get a big ol' smile every time I think about it. And if it ever happens again, I know I'll be able to stay standing. But maybe next time I can squeal like a more dignified animal. Or maybe even just giggle quietly. Forming a coherent sentence would obviously be out of my reach. I mean, just look at him. He's Skarsy. :)

ps - Alexander Skarsgård is not affiliated with any of my books/characters/worlds in any way. He does not endorse them, and is not involved in their marketing. He is quite simply the Swedish dreamboat who inspires me. ;)

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