The Force is Strong with iBooks

By now we've pretty much established that I am a GINORMOUS Star Wars fangirl. (If you still have doubt, click HERE to read about how I slept in the Anaheim Convention Center basement to watch the first Star Wars Trailer with the cast. #Truth #CrazyFangirl #ChewyWereHome ) So you can only imagine how excited I was to wake up this morning and find out that iBooks did THIS:

iBooks put Perfekt Order right next to The Force Awakens in "Our Picks" for Young Adult!!

RIGHT NEXT TO THE BOOK OF GREATEST MOVIE EVER!!! The one I've seen two times in the four days since it released, once while dressed as Captain Phasma because she is just so ridiculously awesome and I am just that ridiculously geeky! I haven't stopped muppet flailing over this picture all morning!


But when I looked closer at iBooks YA Feature page, I muppet flailed even harder. The Ære Saga's #Brynnrik gave iBooks an exclusive excerpt of Perfekt Control, and #Forsa gave iBooks an exclusive excerpt of Perfekt Balance . . . and iBooks went out of their way to feature both excerpts on their YA Sneak Peek page!


I'm an indie author who writes books about Norse gods -- I know my stories are kind of out there. #VeryOutThere I am completely blown away that iBooks would take a chance on me, and I am just so very, unbelieveably grateful!!

And the more I look at iBooks' Young Adult page, the more grateful I am. They're featuring books by many of my indie author friends, highlighting Nikki Jefford and Laura Howard in Free First In Series (where they also included Elsker!!), Kelly Oram in New Releases, Karen Lynch in Coming Soon, and Quinn Loftis in Sneak Peeks. They're going above and beyond to help spread the awesomeness of my author friends' fantastic stories, and it's absolutely phenomenal!

So thank you, iBooks. Thank you for introducing readers to some of the truly amazing reads by my fantastically talented indie friends. Thank you for consistently going out of your way to support our author community. And thank you for making this particular Star Wars fangirl's dream come true.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to celebrate by going to see The Force Awakens. Again. :) Now where did I put my Kylor Ren light saber?

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