UtopiaCon 2016

Have I mentioned lately that I have the greatest readers in all the realms? Well I do. Y'all are the greatest. Readers. In all the realms. I mean it.

I was so incredibly thankful to get to meet some of you at Nashville's UtopiaCon last week. From the RagnaRockstars who've been by my side for a year, to the warrior who reads Elsker and Ære during chemo, to the model who shared a brand-spankin'-new Loki tattoo (that totally matched my dress! #LokiFansForTheWin #MarvelRocks), to the adorable middle schooler who loves Star Wars and Norse gods every bit as much as I do, meeting you was an incredible blessing. Thank you for sharing your energy, your kindness, and your imaginations with me, and for dreaming across the realms with our crazy Norse crew. YOU are the reason I get to keep on writing, and I am incredibly grateful for YOU!

I'm equally thankful that I got to spend time with so many of my inspirational (and hysterical!) author friends. As always, Mary Ting's kindness warmed my heart, while Liz Long's superhero fandom had me in stitches. (She so gets me!)

Melissa Haag's sense of adventure made sure I was never bored. (We're on a boat! And on a Plantation Tour! And in a Twenty Dollar Bill!)

Meeting Amy Evans, after spending so many Thursday nights together on #NALitChat, brought me to the very best kind of happy tears.

And getting to meet my fellow Supernatural Chronicles authors, and celebrate the set winning Best Anthology with our beautiful readers, was indescribable. We are SO INCREDIBLY THANKFUL to the AMAZING readers who supported our crazy project from Day 1. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU you for believing in us; for reading our stories, for posting reviews, for sending notes of encouragement, and for making an ADORABLE crocheted Loki doll and supporting somebody's #NorskWaffle/Lingonberry jam habit. ;) We wouldn't be where we are without you, and we are humbled by, and grateful for your support. <3

I'm so grateful that I got to spend time with so many readers and writers, and I can't wait to meet more of my bookish friends! I'm finalizing my travel schedule for 2017, so if you haven't already, let me know where YOU live -- hopefully we can meet soon!



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