Asgard's Arcata Compound

I get a lot of questions about the Arcata compound from The Ære Saga. Tyr's held out on me until now, but he's finally given me clearance to share some of the pictures from one of my visits. Apparently the God of War managed to delete all the pictures I took of his house, "for security reasons, S.T. You understand." (No, I don't, you mean ole Norse god!) But he left me with the ones of the forest surrounding his property. Want a peek?

Asgard's Arcata Compound is surrounded by hundreds of acres of towering redwoods, majestic ferns, and tapestries of fallen logs.

It's covered from bottom to top in every imaginable shade of green, and peppered with secret bridges and hidden trails.

Filtered sunlight streams through the treetops, seemingly straight from Asgard...

And enormous trunks tower above the forest floor.

Despite my dedicated efforts, I've yet to meet any Ewoks on my visits to Tyr's neck of the woods. But if you ever find yourself near Asgard's Arcata Compound, be on the lookout for cheerful author types...

...and for Asgardian hijinks! Henrik's brother recently came for a visit. And apparently Gunnar convinced Henrik to up the fun factor at the compound by building...

A ZIPLINE. Because, why not? And also, because #GunnarsFunner.

Isn't the Norse crew's Arcata forest gorgeous? Now if you'll excuse me, I need to talk to a god about some missing pictures. And possibly schedule another trip to the Arcata Compound. For research purposes, of course. Care to join me?



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