The Ære Saga - now on AUDIOBOOK!

Hei hei! It’s been a while, ja? I’ve been deep in the writing cave for the past few months, working hard on a project I'll get to share with you very, very soon! For now, I’m super excited to pop in to share some fun Ære Saga news: Perfekt Order and Perfekt Control are now available on audiobook! How fun is that?

This process was a huge treat for me, because listening to these books on audio gave me the chance to experience them for the first time as a reader (listener?). So often in the creative process, I get trapped in my analytical mind – focusing on the best way to communicate what a character’s feeling, or articulating their voice correctly, or making sure my pacing is on par. But when I was reviewing the audio files, I got to just sit and experience Mia and Brynn’s stories. And it was so incredibly fun, getting out of the ‘author’ seat and popping into the ‘reader’ chair. It gave me a whole new perspective on our crazy Norse crew, and I loved it!

I was blessed to get to work with Dara Rosenberg in bringing the girls’ stories to life. She blew me away with her interpretations of our characters, and I thought you might enjoy getting to know her a little bit better. Without further ado, I give you the amazingly talented Dara!

S.T.: Dara, how did you initially get into acting?

Dara: I began acting in middle school when I went to a Drama Magnet School in Miami, Florida. From there I went to Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan and then on to NYU's Cap 21 Musical theater program at their Tisch School of the Arts.

S.T.: How did you move into voice over work?

Dara: After doing a ton of theater and on camera work, I realized that what really made me happy was working behind the mic. I love telling a story with just my voice and honestly wearing yoga pants to work really is awesome!

Perfekt Order on Audible - iBooks - Amazon

S.T.: #Truth. What do you love about doing audio books? What’s the most difficult thing?

Dara: I love audiobooks because I get to tell the story as a whole. I am every single character as well as the narrator. I truly feel like I get to represent everything the author intended without being biased towards only playing one character. (S.T.: Let me just jump in and say, the first time I heard Dara do Brynn I squealed like a little girl. I have a special affinity for Brynnie, and Dara’s characterization of her was absolutely spot on!)

Recording an audiobook is not a quick job like some voiceover work. There is a lot of prep work and then over 8 hours of day in the booth recording for a week for each book. While the time requirement can be a lot on your body, there is nothing like a finished product!!

S.T.: Has narrating books changed the way you read books for fun?

Dara: It absolutely has. Unfortunately, I find myself narrating every book I am trying to read for recreation. My mind can't just shut off the technique!

S.T.: What’s your all-time favorite book?

Dara: I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb. I just can't explain what that book did to me. I read it 10 years ago and I still affects me.

S.T.: I understand. Much Ado About Nothing was my eye-opener read – it showed me a world I never knew existed. <3 Now, I know you live in New York City – for those of us who have to wait for the Hamilton National Tour to roll through our state (hurry up, Hamilton!!), can you tell us what it’s like to live in NYC? And also, how you managed to get Hamilton tickets?!!

Dara: Living in New York is amazing. I have been here thirteen years, and I don't know how to function most other places. I love the quick life style and how you can get pretty much any type of cuisine 24/7 delivered to your door in thirty minutes. And yes, I have seen Hamilton. How I got tickets is insane but let's just say I had a special guardian angel. It was incredible, and luckily now I have a good friend in it who got me and my husband tickets for next month! (S.T.: So jealous!!)

S.T.: You worked on Perfekt Order and Perfekt Control back to back – bless! Did you connect more strongly with either of the girls?

Dara: I loved different things about Mia and Brynn and was able to find a connection to each character. For me, I think I had more fun with Brynn because I enjoyed her relationship with Henrik and just that MAJOR crush she felt. We all know what that is like and I thought the emotions were captured so well on how she felt. It definitely felt the most relatable for me anyways!

S.T.: Which of the characters were harder to voice?

Dara: It's always difficult to narrate men's voices but you have to remember that the listener know I am not a man and creates a suspension of disbelief while listening. I try and just capture the depth of that character and what they are saying and feeling so it makes it as real as possible for the listener.

S.T.: If you could be friends with any of the Ære crew in real life, who would it be?

Dara: Probably Mia. She is so incredibly thoughtful and it's always nice to have a good friend nearby! But I mean I wish I knew Tyr and Henrik. (FOR MY OWN SELFISH REASONS)

S.T.: Ha ha! Do you have a dream (acting) role?

Dara: I don't really. I think just good books make my job so much better. An amazing story and a great lead character makes my job a dream!!

S.T.: Thank you so much Dara! I am so thankful you shared your amazing gift with us. I can never thank you enough for bringing these characters to life so beautifully. Skål!

Perfekt Control on Audible - iBooks - Amazon

You can listen to Dara’s narration of Perfekt Order and Perfekt Control on Audible, iBooks, and Amazon. I hope you enjoy her take on these stories every bit as much as I did!!

I have to duck back into my writing cave, but I’ll be back soon with another fun update. Trust me, it’s going to be a big one. <3

Skål, y’all!


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