Introducing Defender

Defender, the second book in the Night War Saga, releases today! We're so excited to share this chapter in Allie's story with you!! Check it out on Amazon, and be sure to let us know what you think!

Allie Rydell left her life behind to protect the world from the Goddess of Night. But after weeks of training, hunting, and learning to use the life-giving power that inexplicably chose her, saving Midgard seems more impossible than ever. Nott’s followers have eyes across the realms, and they’re determined to collect the bounty on Allie’s soul. And the closer Allie and her protectors get to the pieces of the immortal weapon that could save them all, the more destruction Nott manages to unleash—not only on the world Allie loves, but on the friends she’d give her life to save.

Darkness is coming. And this time, it won’t leave any survivors.

Thank you so much for ALL of your support with this series. Leia and I are incredibly grateful that you've embraced Allie & Co. with such love. We're hard at work getting the third (and final!) installment of this series ready, and we think you'll love seeing what we have in store for Allie's Norse crew when Redeemer comes your way in October! Until then, have a magical summer - and happy reading!

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