Our New Normal... and FIVE Free Books

Hei hei, friends. It's been a minute, hasn't it?

And what a minute it's been.

By now, a lot of us are on our second (or longer!) week in lockdown. COVID-19 has changed the way we live, work, and greet our neighbors. (Here's looking at you, Karen! From the safe distance of all the way across the street, of course.) It's been a huge change, and change can be unnerving. That's why the indie author community has rallied together to try to bring some sense of normal to these extremely not normal days. We want you to be able to escape to your favorite fantasy worlds, worry free. And also, COST FREE. Because let's be honest - that's a huge concern right now. And we get it.

From now through April 10th, head to Smashwords to grab any of my series starters FOR FREE. (I've made the rest of my books there 30% off.) This sale is exclusive to Smashwords, but don't worry - YOU CAN READ FOR FREE ON ANY DEVICE. At checkout, you'll be given the option to READ MY FREE BOOKS on your kindle (choose .mobi file), or iPad (choose ePub file), or another device. The Smashwords team is there to help with any questions.

Please stay inside and READ, play family games, sing songs, do whatever you can to make this time enjoyable while you #StayAtHome. I hope you're all staying healthy, staying safe, and staying sane as we all do our part to help #FlattenTheCurve.

If you're not familiar with my YA Norse Fantasy stories, here's a quick peek. The first book in each of these series is currently FREE ON SMASHWORDS (as are TUR and THE ASGARDIANS). The rest are 30% off. Happy reading!

And if you're a Kindle Unlimited reader you can READ THE COMPLETED ALFHEIM ACADEMY SERIES FOR FREE ON KU!

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