Those Rocks in Norway

The dedication in Viking Academy reads: “To Olaug – thanks for showing me those rocks in…

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Visit Hoth: A Survival Guide

Over the summer I got to visit Finse, Norway - HOTH from The Empire Strikes Back! It was a dream come true to visit the actual place where Han rode a tauntaun, Luke nearly got eaten by a wampa, and the coolest vehicles in all of Star Wars took down some AT-ATs. #TeamSnowSpeeder...

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Happy Syttende Mai

Happy Syttende Mai! Our Norse crews are off celebrating Norway's constitution day with waffles, songs, and most likely, an Asgardian parade that involves Gunnar irritating Ull as only Gunnar can do, while Henrik tries to convince our perma-stoic Tyr to wave a flag. ...

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