The Ære Saga is Complete

The Ære Saga is complete! I cannot believe I’m writing these words. War’s crew releases their final book in their YA Fantasy (Norse mythology) series, and I’m thrilled with the way their stories wrap up. Freya faces some hard truths, Mia has to make a decision that requires a lot of notebooking, Elsa supports Forse through an unimaginable heartbreak, and Brynnrik is . . . quintessentially Brynnrik. 🤣 In the face of Ragnarok, the crew demonstrates their commitment to love, honor, and of course, to their found family. I hope you enjoy their ride every bit as much as I did.

This is a dual POV book, told from both Brynn and Freya’s perspectives. If you’ve missed the perkiest Valkyrie this side of Asgard, Brynn’s chapters will definitely make you smile. (And possibly cry. But mostly smile.) And if, like me, you’ve been wondering what it’s really like to be Goddess of Love AND High Commander of the Valkyries . . . well, Freya has a few surprises up her sleeve.

And if you’ve been missing a certain member or two from that other Norse crew, you’re in for a fun treat. 😁

PERFEKT MATCH is available today on iBooks, Smashwords, Google Play, Kobo, Nook and Amazon. And if you haven’t met War’s crew yet, PERFEKT ORDER, the first book in the Ære Saga, is currently FREE everywhere. I hope Ære’s finale makes you smile. As always, I am truly grateful for all of your support over the course of this series. It’s meant the world to me to share this crew’s story with you, and I can never thank you enough for dreaming across the realms with me. Skål!

For honor. For love. For Asgard.

Valkyrie Brynn Aksel is ready for some downtime. But when an urgent warning arrives from Asgard, heralding the death of a beloved god and the dawn of Ragnarok—the not-so-mythological end of days—it becomes clear there’s no rest for the gods…not when the future of the realms is on the line.

Goddess of Love Freya Skönsten can’t shake the darkness that’s clung to her since her Helheim imprisonment. An unsanctioned romantic connection with a mortal is the only thing keeping her in the light, but Freya’s vow to the Norns prevents her from fully uniting with her perfekt match. When Hel returns to finish what she started, Freya must decide how much she’s ready to sacrifice to save the family she loves…and whether she’s willing to give up everything for the worlds she’s sworn to protect.

With the forces of darkness aligning to destroy the realms, it’s clear more than just Love hangs in the balance. Ragnarok has arrived. And it’s shaping up to be the perfekt storm.

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