Welcome to Asgard


Takk for choosing the Asgard Travel Authority to meet your vacation needs. We'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your family to Asgard, the realm of the Norse gods. Ours is a land where magic is real, imagination reigns, and anything is possible. Hop aboard our spacious Bifrost and join us on our cross-cosmos tour as we dream across the realms!  

              -The Asgard Travel Authority





The Bifrost, Asgard's rainbow bridge, travels to nine exciting destinations, including . . .  


Asgard - home of the Aesir, and the realm of the titled gods. On your visit, be sure to stop by Odin's home, Valhalla, where fallen mortals train by day and party by night, preparing for the end-of-days battle of Ragnarok. Visit Ull's Asgardian home, Ýdalir I -- a magestic home surrounded by, you guessed it, yew dales. Be sure to visit the silver willow tree near Asgard's largest lake, a premiere picnic spot for immortals. The Cabinet Room is closed at the moment, as Odin's council is currently on lockdown, but you can visit the Academy's Training Field, to see where Ull, Gunnar, Tyr and Henrik perfected their battle strategies. 


Vanaheim - home of the Vanir, and the realm of the non-titled gods. With it's vast forests, snow-capped peaks, and beautiful meadows, this idyllic world is a popular tourist destination. Just steer clear of Dark Forest II, as it has been known to sport the occasional dark-world-portal.

Alfheim - the realm of the light elves. Here you'll find meadow elves, forest elves, water

elves, and of course, the famous älva. Unless you are an Asgardian, do not attempt to procure älva dust on your visit. Trust us.



Midgard - also known as Earth, this realm is growing in popularity as an Asgardian destination, evidenced by Asgard's winter god taking up a second residence in The Cotswolds, at Ýdalir II. Ski Midgards alpine peaks, lay on its white-sand beaches, and tour its redwood forests. Midgard boasts four safe houses, offering security in the event of a dark realm invasion. 

Nidavellir - the realm of the dwarves, and origin of many Asgardian treasures. See the mines where the dwarves harvest priceless gems, and the workshops where Thor's hammer Mjölnir, his belt Megingjörd, and Freya's necklace Brísingamen were crafted. Due to the unpredictable nature of Nidavellir's residents, the Asgard Travel Authority strongly recommends bringing a guide on any excursions to the realm.

Svartalfheim - the realm of the dark elves. Despite its extremely inhospitable, black-sooted landscape, this desert-like planet retains an element of beauty. Its inhabitants were renowned architects before dark energy overcame the realm, and Svartalfheim's spectacular castles remain a popular tourist spot for the adventurous traveler. However, due to the realm's hostile residents, unpredictable volcanic activity, and total disregard for key laws of physics, Svartalfheim is not a recommended destination of the Asgard Travel Authority.

Muspelheim - the home of the fire giants. Not a recommended destination of the Asgard 

Travel Authority.


Jotunheim -  the land of the frost giants. Not a recommended destination of the Asgard

Travel Authority.


Niflheim/Helheim - the land of primordial ice and the realm of Hel, Goddess of the

Underworld. Not a recommended destination of the Asgard Travel Authority. If this

recommendation is ignored, then for the love of Odin, do not enter Hel's inner sanctum, 

Naströnd. Takk.


During your excursions, keep an eye out for some of Asgard's famous residents, including . . . 


The Pantheon Players:


Odin - The Alfödr, leader of the Aesir (gods of Asgard). His quest for knowledge led to his decision to sacrifice an eye at the well of the giant Mimir. He now owns two ravens, Hugin and Munin, who circle the realms daily and report their findings to the Alfödr, who relies on their sight in making strategic decisions for Asgard. Midgardians (humans) have named their Wednesdays (Odin's Dag - Odin's Day) for the Alfödr. 


Frigga - Wife of Odin, mother of Thor.


Thor - God of Thunder, husband of Sif and stepfather to Ull. Midgardians (humans) have named their Thursdays (Thor's Dag - Thor's Day) for the thunder god. Due to a slight temper problem, the Asgard Travel Authority advises against approaching Thor without invitation. 


Sif - Goddess of Beauty, wife of Thor, and mother of Ull. Due to an unfortunate situation with Loki, Sif is now the proud owner of a head of gold hair--not golden hair, but hair made of real gold.


Balder - The God of Light and Asgard's chief judge. Often known as Baldr or Baldur, he is adored by all light creatures, and frequently asked for his counsel on matters of inter-realm security.


Nanna - Goddess of Warmth and wife of Balder, Nanna is the embodiment of maternal warmth and love.


Heimdall - Owner of the horn, Gjallarhorn, and guardian of the Bifrost. Heimdall oversees travel between the realms via Asgard's rainbow bridge. 


Loki - Odin's blood brother, and Asgard's resident trickster. Due to his unpredictable nature and proven lack of judgment, contact with Loki is not advised by the Asgardian Travel Authority.


The Valkyries - Asgard's battle goddesses, prone to travel via pegasus.


The Norns - Asgard's chief prophets, headed by the Three Sisters, Urd, Verandi and Skuld. The Sisters reside at the Well of Fate, and give water to the world tree, Yggdrasill. Lesser norns assist the Sisters in creating and administering prophesies throughout the realms.



The Elsker Crew:

Ull - (pronounced ooh-uhl, rhymes with drool) God of Winter, son of Sif, stepson of Thor. This immortal assassin spent several cycles captaining the Elite Team, before transferring to a less aggressive role. Eschews his Midgardian nickname, #Drool4Ull.


Gunnar - Ull's primary bodyguard and the official mischief maker of the Elsker Crew. Embraces his

Midgardian nickname, #GunnarsFunner.


Inga - Chief fight choreographer for the warriors of Asgard, wife of Gunnar, and unofficial Domestic Goddess. It is the unsanctioned opinion of the Asgard Travel Authority that Inga is a saint for putting up with #Drool4Ull and #GunnarsFunner. 


Kristia - Midgardian born subject of a secret prophecy.



The Ære Crew:

Tyr - (pronounced tee-eer, rhymes with deer) Norse God of War and chief member of Odin's council. Currently in residence at the Arcata Compound, Midgard. Midgardians (humans) have named their Tuesdays (Tyr's Dag - Tyr's Day) for the war god. 


Henrik - Tyr's primary bodyguard and one half of the technological braintrust known as #Brynnrik. Gunnar's older brother, and fellow mischief maker.


Brynn -  Tyr's secondary bodyguard, valkyrie, and the other half of the technological braintrust known as #Brynnrik.


Elsa - Tyr's sister, and High Healer of Asgard. Other abilities still under evaluation.


Forse (Forseti) - God of Justice, son of Balder and Nanna.


Freya - Goddess of Love and best friend of Tyr. Midgardians (humans) have named their Fridays (Freya's Dag - Freya's Day) for the love goddess. 


Mia - Midgardian born subject of a secret prophecy.

Know Before You Go

Before embarking on your inter-realm excursion, familiarize yourself with the "Scandiwegian" colloquialisms of our Asgardian friends.**


elsker - love


ære - honor, glory


hei hei - hello


takk - thank you (also mange takk, and tusen takk - many thanks, and thousand thanks)


jeg elsker deg - I love you


sötnos - sweetheart


kille - similar to the American "dude"


flicka - girl


mitt hjårta, hjårtat - terms of endearment


skål - cheers


**If you have additional translation questions for the Asgard Travel Authority, please leave us a comment and we will do our best to respond to your inquiry within two business days. Asgard time.


Takk For Choosing The Asgard Travel Authority

We know you have many choices to meet your travel needs. Takk for traveling with the ATA. If you have additional questions, please drop us a note and one of our agents will respond to your inquiry within two business days . . . Asgard time. Skål!