Shieldmaiden Squadron

Book 1: Shieldmaiden Squadron

About the Book

Eighteen-year-old Ingrid Tirsdatter is a shieldmaiden—a Viking warrior tasked with protecting her clan while upholding their virtues of honor, valor, and total domination. She’s one-hundred-percent focused on climbing the shieldmaiden ranks, and not at all focused on Axel Andersson—the overly confident and unnaturally good-looking warrior who saved her life exactly one time . . . and hasn’t let her forget it.

When an unparalleled enemy threatens Ingrid’s clan, she vows to do everything in her power to protect her home. But saving Valkyris will require her to travel one thousand years into the future, join an elite Southern California sorority, capture a magic-wielding psychopath . . . and not fall for the one warrior in all the realms who could be her undoing. Ingrid’s new assignment is a nightmare in the making, but she’s determined to do her clan proud. After all, she’s a shieldmaiden.

And shieldmaidens never back down.

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The Details

Published: August 24, 2021
Publisher: S.T. Bende
Formats: EbookPaperback

Genres & Tropes
Young Adult Fantasy, YA, College, Sorority, New Adult, Teens, Norse Myths, Norse Legends, Heroes, Superheroes, Vikings